Please post links to your S2400 Hip Hop/House or anything else Tutorials here

Kindly share your links guys. Workflows and methods are always interesting to others.(especially new to the game).


No link but a short piece of advice for new users. With the current workflow limitations, it is better to normalize and resample samples before registering events and parameters in the sequencer.

Hi. Just so others may know of what your saying could you expand a little on why. Cheers.

Two main reasons:
-you can lose what is set on your track if you assign a new sample to this track.
-After recording something I find that the use of the override function is not very handy at the moment.
So from my short experience and for my personal workflow I think it’s best to think as if there was a “sample edit mode” and do the sample work (eg normalize, slice, resampling and so on) before setting level, pitch, envelope and recording.
It is more efficient unfortunately. I say unfortunately because I wish I could do my thing more freely. For example, recording something very rough and change a lot of things on the fly.


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Hey @StupidAmericanPig was going to move this thread to Isla Instrumentalists and/or File Exchange but I think it may be a good idea to add a new sub-category specific to S2400 for Tutorials, Tips/tricks, etc

Can we make that happen?

checking on that @juniorg

By the way I think it is difficult to create and show video about workflow. Usually that’s the boring part everyone cuts as it can be very long. I guess Alex ball tutorials are still the best ones to watch. And also don’t forget that the OS is evolving so creating a video now can have outdated elements when the next firmware is released.

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Thats a good point.