New manual video ,next firmware update?

Just thought I’d check some hints and tips out, noticed no resample on track settings yet,or the fine tune that was mentioned, take it these are on next update?I am on 090221 the latest firmware

These features exist in the latest firmware :smiley: The future is now!


Resample via track setting isn’t

hit F4 in assign mode

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Have loaded a sound , and gone to resample via the track setting and it isn’t an option, and the fine tune isn’t there either that was shown

That only works via browse file

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Gonna watch video again , sure he showed resample via track setting, let you know I a bit

ok- I promise its there. My normal workflow is as such:

Shift + pad
Go to Assign sound, scroll to folder I want to use, drill into it
When I get to a sound I want to resample I hit f4 and it works the same as file browse menu…

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I see ,got it, got confused as thought it was going to assign to the pad after it resampled ,but had to go and find it in folder,


Some bits demoed in the latest video lesson were planned to be live when the video went live (resample from track settings, MIDI monitor). But, then Texas (where a certain firmware dev lives) got sent into the stone age for a week. So an update, just like my electricity and water service, is coming soon.
Thanks for your patience.


I’m still waiting for the Midi-Sequencer… I hope it’ll be awesome :slight_smile:

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