Resampling help

I’ve tried multiple times, and read the new addition in manual. No luck.
When I browse my SD card I find a .wav.
In my case I choose the 33 to 45 option
I press F4 and hear the sample play back faster.
I’m guessing at this point I have to go find the newly resampled file (as opposed to it just being placed on the pad that I chose from the beginning)
So, I find the file in my project folder it has “resample” added to file name, but there is no sound in the file. I load it to a pad, no sound. It’s an empty file.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

turn the trim pot on the back of you unit fully clockwise( if youre looking at the rear of it) and try again.

Oh wait. Clockwise, yes. It was. Turned up fully clockwise looking at back.

Oh crap. I thought I turned it all the way up.
Counter clockwise looking at it??
Ahh. I remember a post about that.
Thanks @StupidAmericanPig :+1:

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