Transient detection/auto chop

hi, loving the 2400 .what i feel it really misses is some kind of detect transients function which then auto chops the sample . would be the same game changer as recycle arriving in the 90s . yes, some samples work better “cut by hand” but not all do and its such a time saver when you can quickly try something out or quickly extract the kick/snare/hat from a break without extensive chopping. i come from sp1200/mpc60/mpc3000 workflow so have done years of manual chopping .this would be a massive improvement and really make the 2400 an advance from the original. thanks


Agree this would be really useful.
I often record my modular into things and chop up for samples and this feature would speed things up a lot

It would be easier with transient detection. It’s a great option but don’t underestimate manual chopping. Sometimes you can find gems by slowing down the chopping process and just listening.

Genuine question:

Are there any samplers that do this well?
I am always surprised at how inaccurate Ableton’s detection seems to be. I assumed it mist be a really hard feature to make succeed.

I always hate the way Ableton detects transients, right in the damn middle. So every slice ends up with a ‘zhwup’ sound of half the next transient. And you have to manually go and drag them all back yourself. I haven’t used enough samplers that can do this to know if any of them do it well though.

I’ve seen a few that do it pretty well but as with most things it depends on the input file. If you try to chop a stereo file and there have been stereo phase/width trickery applied the chop will likely suck. If you have a relatively dry mono file transient detection works pretty well. When I had an mpc 5000 I never got great results with chop shop but my sp-16 will do ok with 1-2 bar mono files.

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