Pads trigger twice and wiggling them as discussed doesnt change anything [SOLVED]

My unit double triggers notes when i hit the pads. Not every time but very often. Any suggestions? i have tried lifting them up and moving side to side as rob suggested but to no avail…
I had support ticket for the channel one filter knob that turned both top and bottom layers together and have this waiting i just have to take it to my tech for a few days. any thing i should tell the tech about pads when he has her shirt off??


I also have the double/triple pad trigger issue, brand new out of the box yesterday and happens very often when i hit a pad. doesn’t seem to record the double trigger but definitely previews the hit sample like that. Sorry no advice but sharing that its not just you.

mine was worse when it arrived. The support guys said to lift them up and move them side to side a bit. it definitely helped but pad one still is very sensitive. Give that a shot

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Hi chaps,

So for anyone with double triggers the first recommendation we have is to pull the offending pad all the way up (they can come up a fair distance) and move them from side to wide (whilst they are up) then let the pad fall back naturally into position. Do this multiple times and then re-test the pad.

If you have a tech who can take the machine apart (or you feel confident enough to do it yourself) you can also look to re-lay the whole pad rubber. I would only recommend this option if you are constantly getting double triggers, because we tests each and every machine’s pads before they go out (I do it personally) which means that if you are getting double triggers it is either because the pad rubber has shifted slightly in transit, or you aren’t used to how our pads work.

However I will say this - our pads are not like MPC pads. Or anyone else’s. Bear this in mind and be sure to try and self-remedy any problem you have with regards to the pads before you look to return the machine to us.


Wanted to second his notion of learning the feel of the pads. Day one is definitely going to feel different but once you get used to it the precision is actually incredible. Much better than the performance from the stock pads on an MPC live 2.

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Just took delivery of my machine last week and am experiencing same issue–also intermittently. Because I am not getting a consistent double-trigger response, I am starting to think it is a performance/touch issue–i.e. a much lighter touch is needed than what I am used to. But if this is the case, shouldn’t there be a way to adjust the pads’ sensitivity?

page 62.

Pad Threshold
The pad threshold is amount of pressure needed to play a sound. The setting goes from zero to
99. Set it to whatever level feels comfortable.
Dynamic Pads
When dynamic pads is turned on, the level that a sound is played or recorded is set by the
amount of pressure on the pad, not the level faders.
Dynamic Minimum %
The dynamic pads minimum level percent is the quietest a sound will be when using dynamic


I just wanted to say I did the pull and wiggle technique last nigh ( :wink: ) and that worked tremendously. I only had one double trigger after an extensive play around post. thanks for the help guys!

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