Pad Press -> select track (Step Parameter Edit menu)

When in step parameter edit menu, pressing a pad to select the to be edited track would be helpful. In case there are steps of multiple tracks on the currently editing step, a pad press could then select the track and so also the step.


Rien compris

@nohapmusic Not sure what you mean about selecting the step. The step is already selected (when you press Enter).

@Mickey When in the Step Parameter Edit Menu and editing a step, switching to other steps that exist on that same timestamp/position should be possible by pressing the relevant track pad. Currently you just can scroll through the different steps to select another one. I hope this is understandable

Currently, if there are two tracks on a single step, then the Step Parameter Edit screen shows “1/2” next to the track name. Highlighting that field and using arrows or encoder changes the track you are viewing. Perhaps we could add pad press as a shortcut to changing the track number - if you already know what tracks are on that step.

However, the step never changes from that screen. It is always the step you selected in Step Program Mode. So, that is why I was asking what you meant by “a pad press could then select the track and so also the step.”

Yes. I guess it is a handy shortcut, if the pads have no other function in this mode :slight_smile:

In Step Parameter Edit, the pads just play the sounds.