Parameter edit screen/faders in pattern mode

I would love if there was a way to access this screen and fader mode when you’re not in step program mode. So you could control all parameters of a track in a single fader mode without having to use the same fader and stepping through the mode buttons when you just want to edit one track.

I think it would really make experimentation with samples much quicker if you could just mess with all the parameters in one fader mode like you do when in step edit.

Maybe this mode could be activated by pressing A button when in mixer mode (no mode buttons lit), I think that button isn’t used in this mode?

Then as you press another pad the A button of that track is the one that’s lit indicating which track is being edited, like the B-button follows the track selection in envelope editor and waveform mode.


Maybe this mode could also automatically activate playback override for all parameters of the track, and you modify the pattern with the changes with A+pad as the other modes.

That would make it very quick to go in and fine tune a sound without having to go through all the level/pitch/env/slice modes and hit the A button and tweak faders/knobs on each mode.

This would really be a huge workflow improvement for me.


What do you think about this idea? Would it be possible?

Interesting idea. Of course it’s possible. However, it is not a 10 minute hack, so it has to be prioritized.

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Cool, I have my fingers crossed there will be some time for this in the future :slight_smile: