Tap + fader to change same parameter for ALL tracks

Sometimes i want to change the same parameter for all my tracks.

When you only have 8x tracks it’s easy to do with 8x fingers on faders, but when you have 32x tracks, you need to change bank and it become cumbersome because you need to repeat 4x times the same thing.

What do you think about TAP + Cutoff/Res or TAP + fader with one mode activated (Level, Pitch…) ? It’s easy to reach and very fast to achieve.

I am an idiot and cannot read. I thought you were talking about tapping pads, haha

It depends on what you want to do precisely but for example in the filter settings sub-window (shift+B in main menu) there is an option to *set for all tracks.

There’s the same setting in the pitch settings sub-window.

The swing menu also has a set for all tracks and set for all patterns function.

It works for setting one parameter at one state, not for playing live (changing one parameter during your play)