Audition changed parameters in step program

In my facebook post i said - if there was a way of going to step program and using the encoder or whatever to move through the steps and it to audition the steps as you step through them then the sound of the pad would change to reflect where it was in the step and then you could enter parameter edit and modify the evolved settings from there. Problem as it stands is that shift a / b doesn’t work in edit step parameters so you cant copy evolved states and when , from there, you click ‘back’ into basic step program page the sound reverts to non edited sound.

Mickey Delp responded 'Pressing the pad to audition the changed parameters is a good idea, as is playing them when you move through the steps (which you do with F1/F3 and F4/F6, not the encoder)

However - I wasn’t sure we were on the same page…

‘Mickey Delp actually - when I checked the instruction about ‘when you move through the steps (which you do with F1/F3 and F4/F6, not the encoder)’ I think we may be on slightly different pages. What I’m after is the ability to edit parameters from already edited states . I see there are two ways this could be achieved. The easy way would be to enable access to edit parameters shift a / b whilst in edit step parameters. Those key combinations currently don’t do anything in that page. The second one would be that when you are in the standard step program grid you could maybe move through each step pressing f4 (currently seems like it has no function with that page enabled) which would audition the evolved sounds at each point where the cursor moves to. Then - because you can already gain access to parameter edit pages from there - you could do the old shift a/b and that key combination would open up the parameter settings for the evolved sounds as per the cursor position. Super super useful. ‘

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