Shifting notes and exiting resets recorded parameter settings [IN PROGRESS]

Found another bug when shifting notes.

If you load up a few samples, change parameters like pitch and volume for example, record a beat.

If you then go to step program and do a selection (shift+encoder) press F4 to shift them but then click back button to exit the shifting the parameters recorded to the pattern (within the selection) will be reset to default value.

Tried it in multiple projects and happens repeatedly.

After trying some more it seem to be a bit random of what is actually happening. First selection I made and pressed F4 then back button the kick and hihat within the selection got their parameters reset. Second selection I made, pressed F4 and then back button only the hihats were reset and not the kick which was also in the selection.

Also the playback gets disturbed in a weird way for the first quarter note or two after hitting F4 where the sequencer doesn’t play the notes at all or plays them with their parparameters at default value. After about 1 or 2 quarter notes it plays like expected without touching the machine in between.

Here’s a video showing the problem IMG_1958.MOV - Google Drive