Sequencer: shifting multiple notes in a selection change the Pitch Res of some events in the selection

I found this bug: in some circumstances shifting multiple notes in a selection change the Pitch Res of some events in the selection and reset their pitch value.

here’s how to reproduce it:

  1. Assign a sample in classic 12-bit audio engine on a pad: pitch Res is Classic16
  2. In multimode pitch pitch to -4 for all pads for this sound
  3. Record or place some events in multimode slice
    let’s say for example four events:
    - first event1.5.0,
    - second event 1.9.0
    - third event 1.13.0
    - fourth event: 1.15.0
  4. At this point looking on event properties in sequencer shows all events are in Classic16 (eg: pitch label is “Classic Pitch”) and the pitch value is -4.
  5. Make a selection of the last three events
  6. Press 4 to enter shift mode
  7. Move the events
  8. At this point looking properties of the third and fourth event show the events are now in Classic32 (eg: pitch label “Fine pitch”) and so the pitch value is now 0.00

it seems the bug occurs where the first event of the selection is not the first event of the track.

I use the latest firmware (oct 23 2023)

As I received no responses to this yet: Am-I alone to reproduce it or does this problem have already been reported ?

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I’ll have a look at it at the weekend and see if I can reproduce it.

Otherwise, as you can see there hasn’t been any official support concerning bug reports for a few months. Hopefully, they fix that when releasing the fw update for the fx card which might happen this summer.

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Let’s hope…

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Here is a step by step with fewer steps.

  1. Power ON
  2. Shift+file → Browse files → Internal → Kits → Alex Ball → Budget Digital → Budget Digital.KIT
  3. Back → Pitch button → Pad 8 and fader down to -4
  4. Step program button → Press pad 8 on each beat
  5. Press shit+encoder to select the events on the 2nd and 3rd beat → press 4
  6. Move the selection between the 4th event on the 4th beat for example and press Enter
    → In this case, the event moved after the 4th beat has pitch reset to 0.

Depending on what is selected and where it is moved some events have the pitch value reset to 0.

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