Organize tracks - Duplicate track changes sequence of first moved track [FIXED]

While testing this, I stumbled upon a new bug. It may be related to the bugfix I was testing, but it may have been present already in the previous release.

I have a pattern (the one I send before to @av500; I will send the downloadlink to @Mickey too), with A1, A2 and A3 populated.

  • Goto ‘organize tracks’ in settings menu
  • select A1
  • make sure F1 is lit
  • press F2 (duplicate)
  • now A1 pad is copied to A2 and old A2 is moved to A3 (old A3 is now moved to A4)

At first inspection everything appears to be how I expect it to be (after the bugfix), but when I play the pattern, (new) A3 is sounding a lot different than before. The starting point of the samples in the sequence (of A3) has been changed. When I goto step edit, edit param in num view, it still seems to be as it was before (with sample starting at 0.000), but sonically it is obvious that it the real starting point of the samples in this sequence lane are way later.

PS: @av500 After the duplicate action, the same high pitched digital crackle appears on D3 (looper track). Is that fixed too, when you fixed this one?