Copy Track Issue

I’m having an issue with copy & overwrite track patterns with the sound. I have Fixup Patterns checked. The sound will copy, but the pattern won’t. Also, when I do copy & shift the track I copied from pattern isn’t there anymore, but the new one is. Isn’t the pattern supposed to still be there? I watched the video again to make sure I was doing it right. I think I am.

All the other function in copy/move are working. Any idea what I could be doing wrong or am misunderstanding the move/copy function?

UI: Mar 17, 2021
AE: Mar 9, 2021

I asked this on the FB group - i dont think its possible to copy a pad with a pattern onto another pad with the same pattern. I also assumed thats what ‘fixup patterns’ meant…

I asked there too, but no one answered. I would think it is possible. Move and overwrite works with fixup patterns. I would think that copy would make a copy of the sound and fixup patterns would copy the pattern to the location. Hopefully someone will chime in and help us out.

Generally you’ll get a response off dev’s (who are great) if something is possible/implemented.

I only asked because im sampling external FX (i sound like a broken record on this lol) - so i need duplicate tracks for the looper - one wet and one dry

I haven’t ventured into the looper yet. Are you going into a pedalboard for your FX?

I want to use copy and overwrite to filter the second one for my bassline. In the meantime I just replayed everything again.

Im sure it cant be hard to implement the copy track pattern? Maybe its already there, again i assumed this was what Fixup Patterns was

Going into a tape echo…Just testing it really as I want to buy an Oto Bam reverb for the S2400 but all this faff - i might just play it dry and add a Valhalla VST in the DAW. Will probably hold off until they implement a send/return or echo chamber (like on the MPC60) feature - if ever

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The fixup patterns option does not add any additional events to the patterns. What it does is ensure that the pattern plays the same after the move/copy as it did before.

For example, if track A1 is moved to A2, fixup patterns can be checked to change all occurrences of A1 to A2 in the patterns. So, everything plays like it did before, and A1 can now be used for something else.

What it sounds like you are asking for is a move/copy pattern events from one track to another. That feature has been requested. Also requested is moving/copying events for specific track(s) from one pattern to another. Neither of those features have been implemented yet.


@Mickey Thanks! I figured I was misunderstanding the video. Makes sense. Yes, that is what I’m asking. I’ll keep my eye out for it in future updates. Amazing piece of gear!

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@Mickey You think resampling a sound through external FX and back in will ever happen? Like without the need to duplicate tracks, disable input monitor etc?