OB-6 Sample Pack

I have created a sample pack derived from my Dave Smith/Tom Oberheim OB-6. I really like how the S2400 has some good digital synth properties so I wanted to create some solid source material for that purpose.

I have six patches that I sampled from my OB-6. I sampled them each chromatically from C1 through G5, and all the notes are the same length for each patch. I have them separated in to seven samples with 8 notes each, and the notes are evenly spaced within each sample. That way when you put the sample in to Loop/Slice-Multi mode, the 8 notes in that sample will load up perfectly on the 8 pads. It’s kinda like Pitch-Multi mode, but the modulation is of uniform length across all notes (rather than speeding up or slowing down due to pitch change).

I also sampled the raw oscillator shapes as well. There are triangle, sawtooth, and pulse waves, as well as the square wave suboscillator and the noise. Each of the wave shapes is sampled in the same way as described above (56 notes, chromatically scaled and of uniform length). I also did the same with the pulse wave such that PWM is generated by a sine wave LFO.

All in all there is a TON of 26KHz stuff in here for experimentation with the pitch, filter and envelopes on the S2400. If you want, you can load up wave shapes on tracks 1 and 2, the sub on track 3, and the noise on track 4. This would approximate the basic sound source architecture of the OB-6. Level and pitch them as you want, and then resample it so that they are all on one track. Now you can now use a single filter to affect the whole thing. Or do some filter changes for each wave shape prior to resampling. Endless possibilities…



legend - I have an OB-6 and thank you for putting in the work to make this. Gonna use this for sure.

@antalrc I was wondering how did do this technically speaking to get the notes in such a way that the loop/slice mode would automatically have them correctly lined up? I want to sample my Juno 106 and Model D in the same way. Happy to share once I get it sampled.


I used an 8-note loop in Ableton and set each note to the same length while giving enough space for the release time. The size of the notes varied per patch. So when I sampled it at a constant tempo (60bpm for the raw oscillators) I could view each sample as an 8-bar loop.

My sampling philosophy is very much loop-based, so I am always looking for ways to use the ‘8th note property’ for the forces of good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Amazing, cheers :fire: Got an OB-6 too and love it. Thanks for sharing :facepunch:

Nice that is smart - I am gonna make a Juno pack at some point for that good ol Juno bass.

I am assuming you recorded the audio loops first in ableton but did you then sample them direct into the s2400 or just bounce and put on SD card?

I used Ableton to play back the MIDI notes, but I sampled from the OB-6 in to the S2400 (26KHz mono). The OB-6 is run through a hot-rodded channel on my Soundcraft Ghost console and then in to the S2400 input via an Aux Send.

Thanks Bob I downloaded it & put it in my sd card! Nice work as always! CUBAONDABEAT

Thanks for creating this in such a detailed way, appreciate it.

Thanks for sharing, It’s interesting.