Fizmo Sample Pack

What up fellas? I have created a groovy sample pack from my Ensoniq Fizmo. I sampled each of the 54 Transwaves at four octave intervals (C1, C2, C3, C4) and I applied a sine wave LFO to the wave position so that each one cycles through the entire wavetable and then loops back around. Each sample is about 2.6 seconds and the second half of each sample is where the wave loop position changes. They also vary widely from one octave to the next. If you are in to creating single-cycle waves to use like a digital synth I would say that there are probably close to 1000 individual waves to snatch from amongst all of the samples. I also included the basic waves (saw, square, sine) and the drum kit that is on the Fizmo. TONS of raw material for experimentation.



Thanks @antalrc downloading now.


I have been waiting for this. I’ve got the finished Fizmo samples someone put out a few years ago, but not this stuff. This will be a big project this winter. I think I’ll probably use them in DUNE 3. I am still studying up on the mechanics of transwave synthesis. I think part of “my” answer will be multiple modulators with read position as the destination. THANKS AGAIN.

Thank you for sharing these samples! I’m looking forward to playing around with them when my S2400 arrives.