S.A.M. S2400 SAMPLE PACK (909, MOOG, a.m.)

I know that a lot of producers out there are curious to hear the S2400 so I decided to process some sounds in it and make a little free sample pack for the community. I havn’t made a sample pack before, but I enjoyed it very much. Let me know what you think please and how I can improve the next package, should you want more. Big love!!

Download link: Dropbox - S.A.M. S2400 SAMPLE PACK 24BIT48K.zip - Simplify your life


That’s my boy right there!!!


Thanks Sam!

thanks sam

thanks :grinning:

Thanks share !

Thank you dela

Thanks much for taking the time to do and to share! :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks, your work is appreciated.