Direct Sample from My 808 kit

Figured I would just leave this here…

All directly recorded into S2400 through individual outs.


Nice, thanks for this. Which quality setting did you use? And are those kick variations sampled hotter into the unit or are the samples just like that?

As far as I can see, there is not a way to set any quality on sampling, so the default of 16/48(?). The overdriven samples were done by using 10x gain until it got crunchy. I modded my 808 to have kick tune, so I sampled 2 different pitches with overdrive…

Edit - Now that I know the machine better it was sampled at 48khz quality. May make a 26khz version at some point similar to how I did the RD-6…


Thanks for sharing!

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Dope! is this kit available to download? Thanks!

Hey @julianperez The way the forum hosts the files makes it show up as audio widgets, but if you right click each file you should be able to download them and keep the name intact. I have a Mega Upload folder going for the 90s Sample Cds and I will post it there as well soon…


Thats great, thank you!


Thanks! I don’t know that folder, if you could share link would be great, thanks so much for doing this! Cheers! :four_leaf_clover:

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Hey @ESPI Ive been resampling the 808 since I have more of a handle on the S2400 and I still dont feel like its been captured correctly. Im going to share a 12 bit 26khz version and a 16/48 version when I am done. I will update the post so stay tuned.

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Thanks much C! (I like to say that rather than pig ha) you’re a great member and many shared passions, I just love this stuff! S24 not here yet but getting other gears up and going now. Cheers and thx !!