Multisample Workflow Ideas?

Does anyone have any cool workflow ideas for using multisamples in the s2400? I bought the Bluewave PPG sample pack from Goldbaby and it has a ton of multisample raw oscillator sets. I would love to be able to play them like a polyphonic synth, but I’m having trouble figuring out filter and envelope use when playing chords short of setting each pad on its own.

Not really the right sampler for this.
But you could set up each pad like you said then bounce some chords or stabs.

i set up and recorded a pattern with a chord made up of a few of the raw oscillators with all of the filter and envelope settings wide open. I then tried the bounce pattern feature and it worked pretty much how I hoped. thanks for your input.

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I’ve made a feature request to have a setting for the envelopes be fixed by ms and not sample percentage as it is now. The way it works now the envelope times change as you play the sample in different pitches which is not really what you want when trying to play melodic or synth stuff.

If that could be added and multiple voices per track we’ll be in heaven :slight_smile:

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