Not showing "default" but the quantize value at the track level (shift+pad)

As said in the title it would be nice to have the value shown in track settings instead of “default”.

Minor workflow issue but when in track settings there’s no default value shown at the top of the folder like in the quantize menu so in some cases it’s not very handy. To double check what’s the default I need to leave track settings, then go to quantize menu, then go back.

I think there was a similar request in the past. Couldn’t find the relevant topic quickly sorry :slight_smile:

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+1, I would find that really helpful.

Perhaps with an indicator like an asterisk or something to show that the value is inherited from the default setting? Or maybe the indicator could be for when the value is different to the default?

If it worked, the same idea could be applied to the swing amount and swing notes also i.e. display the actual setting rather than Pattern.