New Track using the S2400 as drum machine and sequencer

Hey all! When I was in the studio last I managed to crank out a cover of Erica Portnoy’s awesome score for the 1988 flick Flesheater: Revenge Of The Living Dead.

I’m not 100% sure of what Erica used (Although there is an interview on the new Vinegar Syndrome Blu Ray which I still need to pick up) the ending credits thank “Oberheim” so I’m assuming there’s either an analog Oberheim synth or drum machine or both in there.

For this cover the Prophet X is handling an old upright piano, some wind and rain effects and unhearthly voices.

The Prophet 6 is handling all the rumbling pads.

The ISLA S2400 is really the star of the show. Not only is it handling all the drum machine sounds (Done using Oberheim DMX samples) but it’s also sequencing everything as well.

Hope you enjoy!
© Everett Dudgeon 2023
℗ Everett Dudgeon 2023


Great job - nice to see something different, very cool!

Thank you!