New track with the S2400

Hey all. This week I wanted to try and do a cover of a composer who I think is hugely underrated, Al Festa. His scores for Robowar and Zombi 4: After Death are absolutely incredible.

According to Festa, the gear used on the scores was
Roland D50
Akai S900 Sampler
Steinway Grand Piano
Roland MSQ700 Sequencer.

For this cover I used both the ISLA S2400 and Prophet X together. I used the S2400 as more than just a typical drum machine. I noticed that ISLA Instruments themselves have started to refer to the machine as a “Desktop Sampling Workstation” and it really is. A lot of factory S2400 samples are used from the internal library as well as a few user samples. It’s handling most of the sounds you are hearing save for the choir sound, string sound and some orchestral hits.

As Robowar is clearly inspired by Predator, Al Festa also used some sound effects from the “Predator Vision” in the score as well and I did the same here.

Hope you enjoy!

â„— Everett Dudgeon 2023


That track is kick ass. perfect production. you’re a pro and it shows. the vid is killer too

Thank you :slight_smile: