The factory samples are excellent

Well I officially have switched my DAW to Digital Performer and I decided to do a quick track covering one of my favorite flicks, the iconic R.O.T.O.R.! (“Robotic Officer Tactical Operations Research/Reserve” )

I have absolutely no idea what David Adam Newman used but for this everything is done in a single take with the ISLA S2400 and Prophet X.

The S2400 is actually doing most of the work here. All the sounds you hear from it are from the factory sample kits and sounds. The synth sounds and kalimba samples are from @Fluxwithit and the drums are from @AlexBallMusic . The S2400 is also sequencing the Prophet X which is doing an emulation of the choir patch from the Prophet VS (using the onboard VS waves).

Now with the Prophet X being officially discontinued, I’m more determined than ever to keep pumping out videos showing just how incredible this synth is. My favorite synth of all time.

Anyway I hope you enjoy!

℗ Everett Dudgeon 2024