Digital Man

Hey all. Just another track I did recently while moving over to Digital Performer full time. I recently saw the film Digital Man (1995) and loved it so I wanted to do a tribute to the theme by Jim Goodwin. Not a 1:1 cover but I think it turned out well.

The Prophet X is doing the strings, M1 style magic piano, synth and guitar sounds as well as some cinematic pads and twisting metallic sounds.

The ISLA S2400 is doing the drums using a Roland R8 sample pack I got from Cyborg Studio and I believe a few orchestral snare rolls from the EMU library. The S2400 is also sequencing everything as well.

After a trying week. Iā€™m trying to remain positive and move forward.

As always, hope you enjoy and thank you for your support.

ā„— Everett Dudgeon 2024