S2400 loaded with Roger Linn Adrenelinn drums

I slept over with my dogs at the studio this past weekend and while we were in bed, we watched 1989’s Moonstalker. Part of Vinegar Syndrome’s Homegrown Horrors Boxset Volume 2. It’s a fun, independent slasher film with an excellent soundtrack by Douglas Pipes. It has a great theme and I couldn’t resist turning on the Prophet X and S2400 and doing a quick rendition of it.

I have no idea what was used on the original but here’s a breakdown of this track. I wanted to try and think of what type of synth sounds they were using around this time.

Prophet X is doing 3 parts

1-Piano with no velocity and lots of chorus on it.

2-Synth pad-done using the oscillator samples instead of onboard oscillators. Giving it a static, low budget type effect.

3-DX7 bass/clav. This is done using two DX7 samples: A bass and clav explosion patch and I slowly fade the clav sample in as the song intensifies.

The S2400 is actually loaded with samples from the Roger Linn Adrenelinn 3 Effects Box. There’s some excellent sounds in that machine. Wish I didn’t sell my guitars, I’d be using it a lot more.

Hope you enjoy and beware of Bernie…he’s still out there.

℗ Everett Dudgeon 2023

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