My point of view when submitting defects

I figured since I plan to be an active user here I would like to state my point of view.

First of all I won’t post bugs publicly on other forums. I know that this is a new product and despite everyone’s best efforts defects will happen.

Secondly I write enterprise code for a living and while I am inexperienced at embedded systems I am familiar with at least some best practices for software dev. I also know I’m not John Carmack or some other 10x dev. I am happy to dive deeper if that will help y’all.

I make dumb mistakes a lot. Call me out if I do something dumb. I have demonstrated that already since I have owned my s2400.

I am not an amazing musician. No delusions of grandeur here. I am too in the weeds and I know my best stuff is few and far between. I am a sp-1200 owner though and I can use the machine pretty well.

The point of this post is that I want to help Isla make this the best it can be so feel free to tell me to chill, I’m wrong, or rtfm etc.

Internet text is easy to misinterpret so just want to put this out there.




now, lets get them bugs squashed you lucky people

i want my 2400 FW perfect when it gets here :rofl: :rofl:


not at all, we appreciate you taking the time.