Will bugs still be fixed and updates released after S2400 'feature freeze'?

As it seems that efforts will be done to gix Korbot issues, I have two questions:

-When will officially start and end S2400 ‘feature freeze’ ?

-Will you still fix bugs and release updates that only fix bugs? or just nothing for several months?

With 500 new users I suppose that there will be more and more reports.

  • I don’t know.
  • Yes, bugs will continue to be fixed for years.

If I slip my friend George Washington in an envelope and it finds its way into your pocket could I convince you to do a feature thaw? :money_mouth_face:


For those of us with a psycho 2-year old and limited time for working with the 2400, I almost welcome the freeze to catch up on learning all of the new features. When I got my Maschine, the depth of the features was overwhelming and you feel like you’ll never catch up. I feel like I might be able to keep up with this one, mostly.


I’m hoping there is a core set of Fx (echo, delay, reverb, compression, flanger etc.) implemented before the ‘feature freeze’ goes into effect. Another option is to sell an Fx expansion card that I would gladly pay for.

I can totally relate to this, I mean 100% :rofl:

I just picked a S2400 up 2nd hand (paid a little premium to not wait). I am betting a lot on the general SP like workflow but know there is a lot deeper functionality in it and planned.

Welcome @deltaphoenix hopefully it wasnt the $8,888 S2400 on evilbay. If so, I gotta admire that sort of commitment :rofl:


LOL, nope - not that crazy.

I think you might be on to something.