Sept Firmware update preview

Not sure if all here saw this but really exciting announcements about the new firmware coming out. Some great bug fixes it sounds like as well as new features. Pumped!


The function keys help page is a great addition.
And pitch to bpm change is going to come in handy.
Well done to the team.


Thanks for listening!

The ShiZnik2400

Yeah… that grid:keypad visual layout was genius. Love how easy it is to see now.

Love the pop-ups too.


Looks very nice :slight_smile:
I m sure there’s already an easter egg QR code somewhere :smiley:

Thank you for all of the development Brad. I love this machine.

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haha i would not put it past Brad to rickroll all of us. would be legendary

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Any one catch the date this will be available?

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Tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I waaaaiiit it


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I think this update is incredible but very sad to see the “use last name” is not there for saving projects or samples. Really a huge impediment to workflow for people who sample with the machine or want multiple versions of projects saved.

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im sure it will be there in a future update. lets be patient. this update though is huge!

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Haha my favorite addition is already this one :rofl:



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Hahaha! What triggers that prompt?

Is it just me, or do the pads seem slightly less sensitive to light hits after the update? I’m finding I’m missing some triggers.

It occurred to me this morning that the lower pad sensitivity may have been set to try and reduce double triggering. Gonna live with it for a while and see how it goes :+1:

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I had double-trig/ghosting in the old Aug FW too.

I wonder what the best/recommended sensitivity settings would be for this new FW, while still retaining wide dynamics and sensitivity.

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its been months since ive been on here and just now seeing this.

ive had my machine since march 2021 and still on shipped firmware. this firmware looks ripe enough for me to get on it. great work to the team and props to @bradholland for his vision coming to life. i can see it in this video he is like a proud papa (and i mean that with the highest respect).

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