Muting Track Output From Mix But Outputting From Individual Out Via USB

I was surprised to see that the S2400 shows up as a multi-input USB device on iOS using a USB to lightning converter. This is really badass and great for sampling from iOS synths and such.

I was curious about routing a track out to one of the iOS inputs, using an effect in iOS and outputting it back to the S2400. I’ve been able to do so, but the track is still part of the main mix too. Is it possible to stop it from outputting to the main mix so it only goes out to the USB channel for a fully wet effect?

Using an app like AUM, an iPad could be an insane effect sidecar for the S2400.

I tried playing around with the USB output ‘first’/‘last’ options and those didn’t really get me anywhere.

If I understand what you are saying, (I haven’t played with an iPad in a music context in some years so am woefully behind there) I would think you’d have to change it at the source of the effect. In other words, iOS doesn’t know how to distinguish what to send back. I don’t know what options are on the ipad to route only a send/effects through the main out back into the S2400.