S2400 as midi controller + audio interface

Hello I was wondering if someone here could guide me through the process of setting AUM on my iPad where I can control the channel faders with the s2400 faders and each corresponding pad to control one pad on the app Koala.

Then I would like each channel to output the s2400 hardware via one of the four paired outputs for stereo. The cherry on the cake would then be the ability to use the knobs to control certain parameters in the ipad apps.
Is this possible?
Would anyone be able to create a setup file for me to load into my machine?
I only need about four channels, maybe another version of the setup would be the 8 mono.

Any help would be hugely appreciated, I really struggle with i this kind of setting up.

Many thanks.

I dont understand, u have agreat sampler in ur hand and u want to control koala sampler ? :sweat_smile::joy::clown_face:

Hello it’s for a specific project. I don’t appreciate being called a clown.

I was just after some friendly guidance. If I wanted an opinion from an asshole I’d fart.

It’s a shame this type of response is so common in forums.



Sorry children

Bro doesn’t know how to do this but cannot resist not writing anything

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Surprising, I have the impression that your message applies well to you. :joy::wink: