Mute/Solo buttons as predefined panning locations

NOTE - I have only ordered and never touched a s2400 so take this with a grain of salt.

A misreading of a recent feature request from Robert got me thinking that is would be kinda cool to be able to use the mute/solo buttons as a shortcut to immediately pan to predefined positions in the stereo field as an alternative to using the wheel.

ex. Solo button 16 would pan hard right, mute button 1 would pan hard left and the others would pan to predefined locations somewhere in between.

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In Pan mode the F keys can do exactly this

Currently it works this way:
F1 pan active channel full left
F2 pan active channel center
F3 pan active channel full right
F4 pan all channels full left
F5 pan all channels center
F6 pan all channels full right
F7 pan active channel pair full left/right (E.G. 1-2, 3-4,5-6,7-8)
F8 pan all channel pairs full left/right

Depending on if solo mute are available to do think this could be a handy shortcut for individual or some subset of the tracks though…

Yeah, just saw the new video on panning and seeing how it works today. Wondering if my suggestion was a solution looking for problem.

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