DJ Mixer Mode

So I asked about this during the new firmware presentation last Friday because I know it was an early idea that Brad had for the machine that he mentioned during one of the live streams with Flux a long time ago.

I had not seen it mentioned since and unless I missed it, it appears that it hasn’t been a feature request from anyone on here either. I was very happy to hear Brad answer during the stream that it is still something they may look at doing in the future, but I understand that in no way means that it will happen. I just wanted to make this official request so that Brad knows he’s not the only person that would use it. So if anyone else would like this feature or has ideas about it, feel free to chime in. :wink:

I think the original idea was that it would be cool if the S2400 could read time-code vinyl like serato, which I would dig! But I just wanted to suggest that even if it could spin regular records in a DJ mode where both phono inputs were able to be monitored and mixed that would be incredible! As far as I could tell from the manual only one input can be monitored/assigned at a time, but if there is already some kind of work around for this (live loop mode?) that someone has experimented with I’d love to hear about it! I wont be able to experiment until late August!

Thanks for your consideration!


I had an idea for DJ mode if that ever comes about. This assumes that the DJ feature would be its own F-key mode like live loops.

It would be really cool to access the different DSP filter options via the A/B buttons on each channel in DJ mixer mode. essentially if you press A you get the low pass filter, B the high pass filter and both at the same time you get the bandpass.

Not exactly groundbreaking or anything. Just an idea that I thought would be neat if this feature becomes a reality eventually.

… and when the A and B buttons are not engaged, the concentric pots become 2 band rotary EQs. Outer pot for Low freq. and inner pot for High freq. with (full kills!?). The faders are like DJ faders anyways and will do justice.

Pitch button to activate pitch manipulation allowing:

  1. < & > keys for Pitch nudges (or better, mute and solo buttons under the fader for pitch nudges)
  2. Concentric pot becomes pitch rotary, outer pot for wide adjustment, inner pot for decimal adjustment
  3. Deactivate Pitch button and the concentric pots go back to 2 band EQ duties

Loop/slice button to activate loop points via A (loop start) and B (loop end) buttons
The main “channel” pad “start/stop” or “cue” (to be pre-selected)

I am getting carried away but the framework on the front panel allows for some amazing use cases. This will certainly outclass the (ahem) DJ-mode on the Roland sp404mk2 even if Isla team puts the most basic of DJ function.

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I think the idea would be to have one of the sliders act as a crossfader between phono inputs for spinning regular records and timecode would allow you to “spin” internal sounds- samples, patterns, songs etc

Yeah that would be a dream come true for me. If it never happens I’ll still be happy because it’s not why I bought the s2400, but a DJ mode update would kind of make the s2400 the center of my musical universe!

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It’s definitely something I know Brad would like to implement at some point, it was one of the original “extra features” since inception. I bet we’d already have it if polyphony didn’t get so much attention up front. Now that’s out of the way, I’m pretty certain Brad will come up with something insane for timecode vinyl. He’s a DJ at heart and now has a ROCK SOLID drum machine of his own…it’ll happen.

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The idea of selecting pitch and having the controls move to the pots is really cool!

Yeah the more I think about it the more it seems like there is a solution for pretty much every feature that would be ideal/needed.

Using the mute button as a cue selection would be pretty intuitive. Whatever is muted is automatically sent to the headphones for setting level/beat matching. Maybe you could push shift+mute to use the pots as a cue pan or adjust the fader curve.

I’d love to see support for an external crossfader too. Those are already in abundance in the portablism scene so it would be cool to have an Isla one. Maybe they could even put a couple other DJ focused controls on it.

Lots of possibilities but who only time will tell what’s doable. I’ve got my fingers crossed though!

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