Solo and mute buttons problems

Hi everyone happy New Year. I hope that 2021 is a very successful year for us all :slight_smile: I’m Trey from the UK I’m totally blind. I am very slowly learning my SP 2400. I am having issues with the mute and solo buttons I’m wondering if anybody could help me. First off my solo buttons don’t work when I press them outside of TR Mode they do not solo any tracks. Secondly my mute buttons do not work instantly tracks are muted and on muted when a pattern restarts playing they are not muted or muted instantly. I have read the manual but I could not work out what’s going on by reading the manual. Please can anybody help with this your help with this would be most welcome once again happy New Year everyone :slight_smile:

@StupidAmericanPig can you help this lad out Craig?

Hi Trey , its jamie from GS , HAPPY NEW YEAR BROTHER


That doesn’t seem right- my s2400 is currently en route to Isla hq so I can’t test mine at the moment. I know I have tried solo and mute(maybe not solo?) and muting works like I expect.

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Thanks for confirming what I thought mate. Hi thanks for confirming what I thought mate I thought it might be user error but upon checking the manual I couldn’t find anything to support that theory so I really do think there is something up maybe one of the Isla instruments team could chime in here with there thoughts.

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Hi Jamie thanks for your help as always mate :slight_smile:

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Hi Trey.
I think you said elsewhere that you used TR mode to make a pattern, so in that instance I can tell there’s nothing physically wrong with the buttons.
Be sure you’re on the latest firmware, but this isn’t an issue we’ve discovered with any units

hi trey , if i had my unit i would do more mate but as yet i don’t have it

btw all, Trey is in UK so it isn’t just U.S that got delivery

Hi Brad happy New Year :slight_smile: I’m really sorry for the late reply mate. I think these issues are happening outside of TR Mode currently my patterns consist of eight bars with one 16th no trigger at the beginning to make sure my 8 bar samples loop over. Upon completing my patterns I pressed back loads of times to exit TR Mode, please feel free to correct me if I’m doing something wrong. When I press the mute button to mute a particular sound the mute and on mute takes place each time the pattern loops over and not instantly. Do you have any more thoughts on what could be causing this? Is there any tests I can run to maybe determine the cause of the problem? Thanks for all your help so far brad mate.

Once again thanks for your help Jamie happy New Year :slight_smile:

You are trying to mute samples that are several bars in length?
Right, we can’t do that yet, you can in live loop mode, but not for normal sampler tracks.
I’ll put it to the devs @Mickey , although I think that’s already in the road map.

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Samples in patterns mute immediately when the mute button is pressed.
When un-muted, they do not start playing until they are triggered in the pattern again.

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thanks mickey, brad, will there come a time when mute is ‘live’ so to speak? regardless of length o file , so we can mute in and out without needing a retrig

oh and happy new year all @isla team

That is not possible in the midi realm i belive but hey correct me if i am wrong

Hi Nikki thanks for your reply sorry for my late reply. Does the solo function behave in the same way? My solo buttons don’t appear to be working at all please can you shed light on this? Thanks very much
Thank you for your reply as well Brad :slight_smile:

Yes. Solo works the same way. Samples in patterns solo immediately when the solo button is pressed. When solo is turned off, the muted tracks do not start playing until they are triggered in the pattern again.