Multimode timing loop issue? [FIXED]

Can anyone confirm if this is a bug, or standard functionality.

I have a sample on pad A1 - set to ‘looping off’.
Also- forgot to mention: Multimode sync is on for loop/slice, envelope, pitch and level.

I enter multi mode, then I chop the A1 sample to parts and set it to ‘looping on’, and the loop parameter the tail of the sample for a short amount (say 0.050S).

No matter the settings in the multi mode are set to, the sample loops forever and seems to disobey the Loop time set for the pad.

If I then go exit multimode, and set the main A1 sample to Loop on, the loop time settings in multimode become active.
(Would all make sense up till this part)

However If I turn it off again on the main sample, then enter multimode, the loop settings remain active and loop times are still obeyed.

Weird that the loop times wouldn’t take effect until main sample was hit to loop, even if it’s switched on and off?


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I think this is a bug. I’ve logged it for Mickey to take a look. Thanks for reporting :+1:

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