B button in loop mode makes hi pitched whine? DOH! - USER error check loop points


is this known?

saved sample, normalised to -1dB

resampled to 45 mode

open loop slice, press A, create loop, press B, sample plays hi pitched whine when finished.

by the way when i press B is the sample supposed to loop when i hit the pad because it does not, i have tried the X at 2, 43 or 99 and when play is running no loops happen on the resampled file - other sample pads are playing looped that are not resampled and they show in the little lock section how long they will run for in seconds - -the resampled file clock shows 0.000 until i scroll to 99x at which point is shows 0.015seconds :rofl:

Can you zip up the project and put it on a google drive or drop box and post the link? You can send me the link in a private message if you don’t want it public.

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Your loop point is only 4 samples from end point.
It is the looping of those 4 samples that makes a high pitched whine.


ok i see that now thx so much for pointing it out to me sorry to post as a bug :joy: :flushed:, i must have knocked the faders without realising - i will edit title and leave it so others see if they search

ok something to watch out for - i will try to program my brain as i assume fader lock stop this?

one more thing that is unrelated, why when i hit record and run are the loops playing back at different pitch than in run mode?

thx again @Mickey

Yes, fader lock can prevent that.

Because you have playback override turned on (pitch mode, button A)

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