MOTU Ultralite mk4 vs. Tascam Model 12

So I’m currently rocking a MOTU ultralite mk4 for my home studio interface. It’s been more or less solid and has lots of cool features. However I’ve been really diving into doing things more out of the box and have been exploring more hands on/tactile mixing options. The Tascam model 12 seems very alluring since it provides what seems like a best of both worlds usage (in and out of the box). Thing is on paper the Ultralite mk4 would seem to offer better sound/recording quality (higher sample rates) than what the tascam offers (only up to 48Khz). I’m aware sample rate isn’t everything when it comes to sound quality, but would switching to the Tascam model 12 possibly be a (subjective) downgrade in this regard?

If it were in my budget I’d just get an SSL Big Six and that would be the end of this discussion hehe.

I would honestly suggest keep the Ultralite and add a faderbox to control your DAW. Behringer (yeah yeah, I know) have the Xtouch series that works pretty well and has templates for most DAWs. I have the smallest one (basically as a remote play button/volume control when I’m at a gear station across the room) and it’s simple and works well enough that I’ve considered getting the bigger one.

There are a couple local venues that use the larger model, I think in conjunction with their big xair audio interface (or whatever it’s called), and seem pretty solid.