3/3 S2400 Jam

Just jamming around on a pattern, also my first go with live looping (bass synth). I saved it as a sample to put on bank A for easier performance access, but I also can’t get solo to work in live lopper mode for some reason. Saving as a sample definitely added some extra punch and grit to the loop too which was a really nice surprise.

I’d love some recommendations for smallish multi-track recorder/mixer. As the big man himself pointed out on one of my other videos, my lack of output routing is disturbing (fully admit I am not using the machine or my own ability to their full extent). I’m currently working with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 :man_facepalming: and you’re hearing the headphone out from there into my iPhone. I’m routing main mix out through an GE-7 EQ pedal, a touch of tremolo reverb from an EHX Oceans 11 into one input, and sending the vocal sample through a Moog MF Trem, then a magical DOD preamp overdrive, a delay then into the other input. I like to think I’m doing a lot with a little, but there’s always a next step.

The S2400 was/is a main motivator for me in starting a “professional” recording process. I’m having a similar debate with myself that I saw many having on a gear recommendations thread - multi-track recorder mixer or upgrade to an interface with more ins and outs. Leaning toward mixer as I’m trying to do as much outside the computer as possible, and I’m currently without a DAW. Recommendations or advice much appreciated!


cool jam

when you say mixer do you have to have faders?

i can recommend the behringer xr18 or even the xr12 - these can be controlled via ipad, iphone, or computer app - one usb cable done

xr18 has 6 aux send and 18 inputs which i have - the 12 has less but costs less too - the 18 can record 18 tracks at once to daw or can record 2 tracks it is up to you, inputs can be routed absolutely anywhere, great driver too, solid product

nice built in fx, lots of great quality inputs, solid as a rock build, very small footprint - i would throw mine down the stairs and be confident

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The Behringer is a good recommendation I’m also fond of the Mackie ProFX12 or 16v3 myself ($350 & $499 respectively), it can work as an interface via USB or independent of a computer. It does have compression, EQ and effects as well. Mostly it depends on your budget.

If you are without a DAW and don’t want to invest heavily in one Reaper is the way to go. The license is really inexpensive and the trial version is the full version and never runs out of time. It’s a good DAW especially if you are just recording for a mix down and rendering.


a full trial? wow

they are decent people and should be paid if people enjoy the free trial over time

that is a cool ethos


Like it @juniorg where did you find the rhodes sounds? I think @iofflight has a good idea about Reaper. Its both good, cheap and powerful. It would at least get you started down multitracking, mixing and arrangement without too much skin in the game while you figure out what you like/dislike about it. Fun fact- Reaper is/was the brainchild of the guy that wrote Winamp, and gnutella and more. Dude has always had a bit of Eff you in him which I like…

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After using Reason since the early 2000’s, moved to Ableton for about a month, and now am using Reaper and so far anyway, it seems really good. Def can’t beat the price :slight_smile:

Yeah Reaper is just crazy. I paid my license 5 years ago maybe 50 or 60 dollars and it is valid till the end of version 6. A few things can seem counterintuitive for beginners but it is a very good DAW.

Thanks homie!! The rhodes is actually @Lboogie . She made some amazing loops for @skibeatz IG beat challenge (Smack Pack Vol 6), I cut a couple up on two tracks here and multi-pitched some basic melodies. I’m def in need of the mixer to space things out, this entire mix is mono out except for the vox which is it’s own mono out through some FX. Loving the sound of Reaper, really appreciate all the recs/ info, about to give that a go. Also huge Winamp fan, that’s amazing that he wrote that too

Yeah the xr18 sounds like an awesome idea and looks rock solid, just don’t think my gen 3 iPad will cut it for control lol, also faders would be preferable. I’m leaning toward either the Mackie or Tascam 16.

Also definitely about to give Reaper a go, sounds pretty awesome for the value. Was using Ableton for a while but not enough to justify the full license, and yeah really just going to be for mix down and render, maybe add some basic tracks.

I was looking hard at the Tascam16 and then the Mackie Pro V3 came out. I like the Tascam’s looks but I suspect the Mackie is the slightly better unit of the two and a has a better price of 499 vs 799. That is a significant cost savings. What the Tascam has is a 16 channel recorder on board to SD card should you want to record without going into the DAW. Other than that their specs are fairly closely aligned.

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You’re exactly right that’s my main dilemma. It might be nice to record straight to an SD for quick mixes. Whether that’s worth $300 I’m not sure, I’ll likely be recording straight into a DAW most of the time anyway.


Personally, I understand my friends who’ve been recording for over 20 years remaining DAWless. That’s how they started out and how they continue to work, but even then most of them continue to use hardware sequencers but the audio capture is now in the DAW. The reason is that DAT and tape are just inconvenient and eventually run out. The Tascam makes a lot more sense if you were performing out, without a computer, and wanted to capture the live performance to SD. But if you are staying in the studio, as most of us do, the benefit of recording to SD is primarily lost. That 300 could go towards something else, like say the eventual upgrade to 8 sweepable analog filters with balanced outs :)-


Yeah you’ve made this decision a lot easier, much appreciated thank you. Recording outside a DAW is just not realistic for me. After looking a bit more at it, the Mackie should be more than enough. That $300 is definitely not worth simply recording to SD and I don’t really see any other additional features/enhancements from there. I don’t see myself using the onboard FX much, maybe reverb, but how’s the compression?

Have plenty of FX, no hardware compression though aside from a few MXR Dyna Comp pedals - which give a really unique sound sometimes but can get super noisy, and obv not designed for drums. Maybe I’ll finally do myself the favor of upgrading my 2i2 interface with that extra $300, already have a slush fund set aside for the analog filter-card when it’s ready haha

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Haha yep I’ve got money set aside for the board cross grade and any additional cards that should be made.

I don’t know how the comp is on the Pro Fx I generally do my compression in the box because I could never get it together to buy a couple of distressors. I primarily use the glue and voxengo elephant in parallel.