Modbap Modular Per4mer - Good S2400 Companion

So I’m told that there was some chatter here about the Modbap Modular Per4mer. I figured I’d drop in and chat about it for those that are curious.

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So, for those that don’t know, Per4mer is a eurorack effects module that can be used as a desktop stand-alone effects unit. It’s similar to the effects section of the SP404 but it has arcade buttons to engage effects and unlike the sp404 all of the effects can be used simultaneously or in any combination you want by pressing the arcade buttons. It has Delay, Reverb, Glitch (beat repeat with reverse capabilities), and Tape stop effects. But it also has a color processor and a compressor with ducking. But it also allows you to control the parameters with CV and gate signals so it can be as simple or as complex you can imagine. Also, all effects are tweakable in real time.

For those of you that are into or familiar with modular /eurorack synthesis, this is a eurorack modular but when thrown into a small case like a 4ms pod 20 it becomes something much fresher for beat making and performance.

It takes line level and eurorack level so you take a simple pair of 1/4" to 1/*" trs cables from s2400 outs to Per4mer’s inputs and another pair from the outs on the per4mer to you mixer or audio interface and boom start beat repeats and all that fly performance effects stuff.

You have probably seen myself, SkiBeatz or Ken Flux Pierce rocking it on IG. If you frequent the @Modbap and @MOdbapmodular accounts you’ll see lots of it.

Check out for the details. BTW… full disclosure, I am the creator of Per4mer and owner of Modbap Modular. But this post is more about just sharing what I think is a good paring - S2400 & Per4mer.

Here is an example of the pairing.

The case in the video is sort of like a wooden rack that the metal case sits in.


Here is what it looks like when its in a pod20 case

Definitely a useful piece that appears to do somewhat the same thing as the XYFX in my MPC-X but with a little more hands on control and a warmer/grittier sound.

So this is like the live monitoring through the FX of a sp404 but with the wax, compression, reverb and stutter all at the same time?
Very slick!
I read and saw it processes at 12 bit
Does that relate to 26.xx, 44.1, 48 or am I getting that mixed up?

the Per4mer hardware runs at 24-bit on the daisy. Per4mer effects processing is done at 48kHz. so its pretty good there but the color processor effect has a Classic 12bit preset and a LoFi 8bit preset.

Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve been avoiding modular like the plague for a variety of reasons (I don’t enjoy patching that much and where there is one more are sure to follow). However I had noticed Ken and someone else using this on some samplers and I was like Hold up what is that~!? I think this thing pairs really nicely with the S2400. (Are you sure you aren’t interested in making a 3rd party DSP effects card that could go on the audio board) :wink:

Haha thanks yo! yeah I designed Per4mer to be used by itself as well as within a eurorack context. Thats specifically from a beatmaking and performance perspective. But yeah I’ve always been open to doing an effects card for the s2400. when the time comes, im likely going to take a serious look at it.