Ensoniq ASR-10/DP4+ multi-effects daughter board?

Ok so I know the daughter effects boards are probably a looong way out, and I’ll be honest, I have no idea what they’d even be capable of, but I’m over here reading about the ASR-10 effects and reminiscing how good they were. I’m actually considering buying a DP/4+.

Would something like a multi-effects board be possible? If so I’d love an option with a range of effects like the ASR-10. The Yamaha SU700 also has great effects. I’ve got one and it’s bonkers.



Buy a DP4 - you won’t regret it. :slight_smile:


I fancy fitting my MPC2000xl effects board into the 2400 to make use of it!


Had both an ASR and DP/4 , ended up selling the DP/4 as I was not using it this much, and rather kept the ASR partly for the sampling sound and partly for these fantastic effects indeed.
Your post got me curious, are you talking of a(n even very remote) possibility to scavenge and use ASR daughterboards in an S2400 ? That would be a killer… Although technically quite a challenge. I agree with jrakari buy a DP4 you won’t regret it. That phaser sound … Daft Punk Homework era had it all over

Well, I highly doubt there’s enough actual Ensoniq effects boards out there to make that a worthwhile endeavor. I meant Isla Instruments (or perhaps a 3rd party) that would recreate the effects in a new daughter board.

I’d imagine Mikey and the team could make some wicked sounding effects that sound similar and perhaps add even more lust-factor to this already future-classic machine.

You can buy a Dp4 rom chip. Not sure where to go from there but.

I would recommend asking Sean Costello for licensing his DSP code. He has alot of experience and an excellent library of code. The Valhalla DSP Cards for Z-DSP which is basically a simple cheap Spin FV-1-Chip in eurorack format are excellent and his AU/VST Plugins are legendary.


Ooooh I wasn’t aware he was behind Valhalla DSP. That would be insane to have a 3rd party board by them. Imagine having Super Massive in the S2400 :exploding_head:


Until you get to deal with the inevitable power supply issues! :wink:

Currently fixing my DP4+. Output caps and power supply.

I have a DP4. Does anyone know which brand of aftermarket power supply is compatible? My unit is 110V but if I’m going to swap the PS I’ll rather put a 220/30V PS to avoid the step down transformer option. My region is non 110V.

hi, from memory it would be enough to change the jumper position


you look on this link for all the DP4 and dp4+ diagrams on one of the diagrams it shows the change to be made

For my part, I keep my DP4 in 110 v, I would not take the risk of making this change, peace!

musicman_528 on eBay is your man. He used to repair them all the time and now sells kits to repair them your self.
Very friendly guy.

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Tnx JCSelector! IIRC there was a GS thread about him and general concensus was to avoid his services. I will look up again to check if it’s the same person. Else will try to contact him via ebay.

Thanks again.

I checked GS out and I guess it was just a handful of folks who had issues mostly during the peak of COVID. He is based in US, hopefully the DIY components are good for UK power rating.

Yes they should be. Speak to him b4 you buy to be sure.

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