CEM Filter Daughterboard with DSP chip integration

Hi Brad/Vlad/Mickey,
when you design the Analog Daughterboards for SSM OR CEM etc filters, could you guys PLEASE integrate a DSP processor for digital Effects on that same filter board??

Digital effects (eq, reverb, delay, side chain compressor (with “choke” channel as source), and any other fx) are so needed when using the 2400 for creative song writing when standalone.

And since we can only have 1 board in the unit, adding. DSP processor for FX would be brilliant!

You know these filter boards will sell like crazy…

But adding simple digital FX to the analog daughterboard is perfect for all of us. Presuming the 2400 cpu has no processing power for internal channel fx?



So I believe, and the appropriate folks will jump in to confirm/deny - that the coming analog filterboard will have an expansion connector for additional FX/filter/wavetable cards that come in the future, and very excitingly opening up the door for possible 3rd party developers - lots of possibilities.

Quote below from Brad on the GS forum in Feb in response to the output filterboard going through a redesign for a “Rev2” version once backlog is completely cleared. If you have some time and sanity to spare lol, you can go through the forum for more context (https://www.gearslutz.com/board/electronic-music-instruments-and-electronic-music-production/1252738-isla-instruments-s2400-105.html) but sounds like Brad and team decided to scrap the existing analog output filters (dynamic 1&2, fixed 3-6) and redesign the output board to have 8 sweepable analog filters. THAT board is then going to be available to existing users as the upgrade - taking the originally planned filter daughtercard a step further as we’ll get all analog filters + anything more to come!

"Once the backlog is clear, the OUTPUT board will be modified to a new revision.
this will include what was originally going to be an addon card.
That being 8x sweepable analogue filters.

Also outputs will be electronically balanced

Board will still have an expansion connector, for possible future 1st and 3rd party filter/fx/wavetable cards etc.

The new board will be offered as an upgrade to existing users, so instead of just buying an 8x filter card, they will be getting a lot more."


Quivering with anticipation.

This was my original understanding as well.

There has been no further mention of anything other than the IG video where Brad said while production of the S2400 is put on hiatus due to shortages he had several HW ideas he was working on for the S2400. I’m really excited to hear about what is going to happen next.

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Yeah, has there been any other mention of this anywhere?

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Looking forward to a daughter card with some basic Fx (echo, reverb, delay, chorus etc.) I still like the idea of using the S2400 with a SP 404 MK2 for the FX. Just can’t get a hold of one until Oct. or Nov. because of all the shipping shortages.

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No news recently. Brad just said in an IG video this morning that exciting news is coming next week. He didn’t say regarding what though. If it’s S2400 related, my money would be on the SP1200 disk reader because that’s something they’ve teased more recently.

Hopefully they announce some kind of preorder for a daughter board/ or output board revision soonish though. I would guess something like that wouldn’t be coming till late this year but more than likely next. I would think if they’re going to the trouble of a board revision they’re going to try and squeeze as much extra functionality out of it as they can so it is as enticing as possible for as folks that already have a machine, and gives those folks on the fence about getting an s2400 a little nudge. I’ll buy it either way cause I love this thing.