Feature Request | New Audio+Analog filter board

I’d like to request a few things that I reckon could be interesting to consider for the new board that is being planned in the (near) future.

  1. 8 analog filters for each of the 8 channels (confirmed).

  2. Have an op-amp/valve in the audio out for a bigger bottom end punch akin to the SP1200 for channel 1 & 2 (maybe?). Getting that magical “knock” on kicks will be awesome. If this can be achieved by an appropriate boost in the “knock” frequency range (180-220hz? I don’t know) that will be awesome.

  3. Hotter signal outs for the 8 independent outs (w/ lower noise floor)

  4. Priority for analog summing for all 8 channels (no digital please :stuck_out_tongue: )

  5. Allow for more analog distortion when sampling in hot (should make the S2400 scream “sample is hot”)

The above requests are aimed at making the S2400 standout from everything else out there (hardware wise) from a sound character perspective. While newer MPCs and the works sound more clinical, a revival machine like S2400 should break that trend and remain unique.

Firmware wise:

  1. Time stretch like ‘em ol’ Akai rack samplers (this opens up a lot of possibilities)
  2. At least 1 level of undo
  3. At least 1 LFO
  4. Basic but good enough to use effects to fill up the effect section - Delay, Chorus, Reverb
  5. Allow audio out to be post analog filter for individual and USB audio :grimacing: :pray:

Big feature request list but getting my S2400 has been the best part of the pandemic and I think keeping S2400 as simple in its workflow and making it sound unique will ensure the Isla team can keep churning these out for the longest time possible as soon as the global chip issue shortages are sorted. Much respect to the Isla team, Mickey and Vlad!

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It would be great but suddenly it would be necessary to buy another s2400

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Not necessary. I was suggesting features (requests) for the updated audio board (that Brad confirmed will be in the pipeline) with the built in analog filters effectively leaving room for 3rd party FX daughter card(s). I don’t expect current owners of S2400 to buy another completely built unit to get the updated audio board. I’m happy to be corrected.