Upcoming Filter Cards

I am curious if the upcoming filter cards will include the CEM 3320 filter. It was the one used on the Fairlight! Any word on the filter cards as of late?


That would be great!

I’m really curious about the R-2R DAC’s that will be used in the filter expansion.

Oh sick! I had no idea about the DACs!

Is this the filter that the other thread is discussing the quality of right now? Sounds like people have them installed in their machines already. Did newer versions of the S2400 come equipped with it? Can we purchase and install them ourselves?

No. The 2400 comes with digital filters and fixed analog filters on the individual outputs that you can turn on and off. What everyone is talking about now is an add on board for 8 sweepable analog filters with input and output gain and other features that is coming in the near future.

On Friday there is a livestream interview about their new instrument Caladan and also the upcoming DSP add on board (mainly) but I imagine if the discussion goes on long enough they might talk more about this new filter board too as well.