MIDI Tracks Triggering Sample Tracks

I’m trying to control my RD-8 with the pads on my MPK Mini Play, via USB Host in the S2400.

I got the pads on the MPK Mini Play to trigger the RD-8 on the MIDI tracks (F2), but it also triggers the sample tracks (A1-D8) of the S2400.

How do I go about making sure the MPK Mini Play’s pads are only triggered in the MIDI tracks (F2) and not the sample tracks (A1-D8) of the S2400?

Do you need to keep the option to trigger sample tracks via external midi?

If not just disable midi for the sample tracks. Track settings, Mode = none

If yes I am pretty sure there will be a way to solve the issue by using midi channels….ie. make sure the sample tracks are not on the midi channel you are sending from.

Focus mode on the midi banks should allow any incoming midi from your controller, but I cannot test this as I don’t have my s2400 yet!

Off topic - can the RD-8 output midi note information on its midi out port? Or is just clock?

I am asking because I looked for info on this a while back and couldn’t find any answers!

No, I don’t think I’ll need to trigger any of the sample tracks with external MIDI gear. Right now, the idea is to use my Hydrasynth, MPK Mini Play and RD-8 as external sound modules, to be controlled and sequenced by the S2400.

Yes, I believe the RD-8 can. I recorded a sequence on the RD-8 and played it and sent the events into my S2400 last night. That was something new to me. LOL.

Hopefully the track midi mode = none sorts it

Hydrasynth! in demos I’ve watched it looks pretty complex but great sounding

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Thanks….I hunted for info on that on YT and downloaded the manual but didn’t see anything about it which is pretty stupid of Behringer really cos it’s a nice extra for people who might want to trigger a sampler for instance, which would be a very obvious use case.

It’s a groovy synth! I use it to make sounds from scratch. I use the MPK Mini Play for those basic “bread and butter” sounds. It’s kind of hard and time-consuming to make basic-sounding patches on the Hydrasynth. I know it can be done though. Once I learn how to do that, I’ll probably ditch the MPK Mini Play.