MicroSD Card Problem

Perhaps not a bug, but might save someone else some frustration.

I’m using a brand new SanDisk microSD card (Extreme Pro 128GB) with my S2400 (20210812 firmware). The MicroSD to SD adaptor that came with the card worked fine in my laptop (formatting and then copying samples) but the S2400 refused to recognise it. Not shown in the file browser, “Format” option gave “Error 12”. Removed and inserted several times (and confirmed still working in my laptop), and double-checked the write-protect tab wasn’t engaged.

Later I switched to another card adapter (a non-SanDisk generic) and it’s been working happily since (in both my laptop and the S2400).

I can’t recall how long ago it was but I think it was discussed that using micro SD cards wasn’t a good idea and to go with normal sized SDs. Or maybe it was just that it was impractical I can’t recall in any case try a different SD card.

As I said, there’s no problem with the card; it’s working fine.
However there does seem to be an issue with some adaptors (at least with my unit).

I’ve been using a micro in an adapter, it’s been working fine. It’s a 32GB from about 5 years ago, so maybe smaller sizes are less problematic.

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