Looper records to more than one track

I’m on the latest OS 22/11/21 and have an issue when using the Looper.
If I record to D1 it also records to another track, say D4, D5 or D6.
This also means when you hit the D1 pad to enable recording the volume increases as its outputing from two tracks. The machine has also just crashed.
After a reboot its ok but it has done this twice today.

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doesn’t do this on previous FW, maybe roll back is in order ?

I was using the looper some yesterday after updating and did not notice this. Can you give some more info on the setup of the S2400 and I can try to replicate it?

My S2400 is set up with a Pioneer S9 mixer feeding inputs 1/2. The mix L/R output feeds a Boss mixer. S2400 midi out feeds a Roland SBX-1 which syncs an 808 and 303 via DIN sync. The audio of the 303 and a 101 feed into the Pioneer S9 mixer line inputs L and R respectively. I have the S2400 inputs set to L/R mixed with analogue input monitoring switched on.

If you need any more info please let me know.


I have this bug too. Not sure, if it’s the minimal reproducible example, but with these steps I could always recreate the bug:

  1. In a new project, go to the looper and start the playback
  2. Record a loop to the track 1 by pressing the pad, don’t commit
  3. Do the same with the track 2, don’t commit
  4. Stop the playback
  5. Press Erase + Pad 1, then Erase + Pad 2
  6. Start the playback again
  7. Record to the track 1 again, then lower its volume
  8. The same recording is heard on the track 2

Also, other strange things happen to volume after the step 6:

— Starting recording on track 1 somehow mutes the input signal. It get however recorded and is heard when the loop is played back.

— Moving the volume fader down during the recording sets the volume to the maximum.

This was done with input monitoring on.

As of today this bug is still present, or is back again (don’t know if it was solved at one time).

Following the steps in @kulturhaus scenario leads to recording on track1 will also appear on track2.