Looper/banks query

Hi folks

I’m wondering has anyone any insights here

I’m looking to use the isla in looper mode primarily on bank D
I want to record loops and assign them to the other pads… Thats pretty straight forward…

My issue is that I want to keep the looper open and stay on bank D while I can still trigger previously assigned loops on the other banks…

But I can’t keep track of the toggling through the banks to get back and forth

Is there a way I could use an external midi controler like an akai mpd to control the faders of bank A while im still keeping bank D open?

I’ve looked for Cc control over bank A fader but can’t see it

Any ideas would be great



There is CC control of parameters, but not control of “whatever the fader/knob is currently controlling”.

A better way might be to use an external controller to control the LilveLooping and the faders/knobs on the S2400 for the tracks.

Thanks for that Mickey… Ive considered that but figure I need the visual feedback of Bank D to keep ontop of the looping

I might try it anyway