CC control over individual tracks in looper bank

It would be SOOO great if midi control over the separate tracks in the looper bank could be implemented and not just the selected looper track so you could for example map a fader controller to the looper bank.

Then the parameters of the looper tracks could also be sequenced from external gear.

I was really hoping you could do that until I tried and realized it’s not possible…

Please please!

Never mind! I found out you could mute/unmute the live looper tracks with cc109 which was what I wanted to do really, perfect!!

Would be cool to have separete cc control over the looper track filters though :slight_smile:

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In the midi implementation chart the active liveloop filter cutoff function is mentioned. Don’t know if it actually works. You can easily accomplish the same function by saving the liveloop and create a sample track where you can take advantage of the extensive cc control features.