MIDI control over live looper functionality?


I am curious if it is possible to control the live looper functionality via MIDI (from a midi pedal for instance)? Would be great if these functions could be controlled.

  • Start/stop recording on selected track
  • Merge record buffer to active track
  • Clear record buffer
  • Erase loop on active track
  • Mute/Unmute track
  • Select active track (either by cycling through the looper tracks up/down or specific midi messages to select a specific looper tracks)

Anyone knows if this is possible? Or if functionality like this is planned if its not currently possible?


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Currently no, but we do have this feature request in the system already. I’ll add your notes to it, as they’re very useful and make good sense, thanks.

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Great! Thanks!

@Petur Thinking about how mute (and solo) should work. Would like your opinion, and that of anyone else reading this thread. This is what I am thinking:

There is a single MIDI CC number for mute. A value of 1-8 toggles the mute state, just like pressing the mute buttons on the machine. A value of 127 toggles mute for the active track, so a single pad can control the active track on a controller without eight spare pads.

Thinking that erase Live Loop should work the same way.


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@Mickey your idea of a single CC each for mute and solo makes sense to me.

Can I suggest you consider assigning values that directly turn mutes on and off in addition to the toggling?

I’m thinking of the case of using an external sequencer. Being able to send a specific ‘mute now’ or ‘unmute now’ command would be useful. So you can set up a sequence and have it play back predictably, regardless of the initial state of the tracks.

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Are you asking in the context of looper tracks only or system wide? I like the idea of 1 CC for mutes and solos system wide. [0] all off, [1-8] Solo track, [9] all on, [10] all track 1 banks off, [11] toggle mute track 1 bank 1, [12] toggle mute track 1 bank 2… [19] all track 1 banks on, [20] all track 2 banks off, [21] toggle mute track 2 bank 1… and so on through all 8 tracks, up to 8 banks. Would leave 90 -127 for active tracks, focused soloing of sampler/looper/sequencer banks, or what ever else you can cook up.


Good suggestions.
It makes sense to have CC mute/solo control for all tracks, not just loops.
I also like the idea of explicit on/off in addition to toggle.

Having option for both explicit on/off and and/or toggle sounds great! very flexible!