USB footswitch for live looper

Hey everyone,

I searched the forum topics, and I did find a topic on MIDI control over live looper, but I wanted to ask about USB control? I’m browsing the net and I see generic USB enabled footswitches with anywhere from 1 to 3 or more buttons. Is it possible (or maybe already in the works) to use one of these USB footswitches maybe to:

  1. record on/off of a live loop
  2. erase said loop
  3. switch to another empty bank for additional loop
  4. or any other function I’m missing

And if not in live looper mode, the USB footswitch maybe could be used to:

  1. start/stop transport
  2. switch banks
  3. tap tempo
  4. or any other cool feature I’m missing

But really, the live looper control is what would do it for me. Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake :wink: thanks!

Yes totally! MIDI control of Live Looping was added in the last update and can work via USB or normal MIDI din. If you check out the MIDI Implementation Chart, you’ll see a bunch of CCs starting around 102 for controlling Live Loops. If you’re using the USB Host port, just make sure the foot pedal is Class Compliant.

Transport controls are available through MIDI Machine Control (not sure how many footpedals support that). Tap Tempo has to be done from the unit for now. (@Mickey)

Wow! Cool! I’ll check out the chart! Thank you so much! I’ll have a look around and see what kind of footswitches might work best. Maybe you guys will release an “official” footswitch controller in the future? :wink::wink::wink:

Btw, I found this on Amazon:

It says it’s class compliant, and it appears that you can program the individual buttons to custom CC numbers, so this should theoretically work, no?

I checked the MIDI implementation document and it doesn’t seem there is an easy way to make a one button looper similar to how some guitar loopers work, right?

By this I mean:

  • Press once to start recording
  • Press again to stop recording but continue looping playback
  • Then something like double tap to erase or hold down to erase

If not, I can program my controller to do this, but was just curious if it’s baked in and I am missing it somewhere.

Yeah, I don’t think it can be a 1 pedal deal either. Looking at the chart, it might be at least 3:

  1. one to arm/stop the pad for recording (CC 102)
  2. one to erase the live loop (CC 105)
  3. one to merge or clear live loop buffer (CC 103/104)

However, I have lingering questions, like:

  1. how do you select which pad (1-8) to arm for live loop? Would it be 8 sequential presses to get from 1 to 8? But then you’d need another separate pedal to start/stop recording, right?

  2. merge and clear buffer would also have to be 2 separate pedals, as they are 2 different functions. Or maybe you could live with just merge, as you would have a separate pedal for live loop erase, right?

So, in reality it might mean you need a 5 to 6 function footswitch?

The LiveLoop MIDI works just like pressing and releasing the pads on the S2400.
Send CC 102 with a value of 1 to press D1, send a value of zero to release it.
Send CC 102 with a value of 2 to press D2, etc.

Ah ok got it! Thank you so much Mickey!