Loading projects

Hello guys, before this update.

If a project was selected from the list, then if another project was loaded from the list, the cursor bar would be on the last project. Leaving you to scroll up or down.

Now if you load a project the cursor bar is always at the top. Leaving me to go all the way down.

Is this a new feature?
Have I done something wrong?

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Can anyone else confirm this?

This behavior will discourage me from updating the firmware until I finish a few projects I am currently working on.

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This. :point_up_2:

I’m producing a whole album for an artist at the moment. We’re 80% done. Not touching that firmware until the project is done.

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This is the most sensible approach with all electronic devices. Do not update until you are done!


Same here. I thought it was just me. I have to browse back to that project folder and exit just to be able to go right back to that folder if I need to. Was not like that before the update.

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Yeah, so annoying having to going all the way down. Wish it would sit on last project opened

Im away from my unit right now, but there is an option to start up on the last project somewhere in the global settings

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I know this is a workaround, but it is worth doing this anyway, if you don’t already. I keep all my projects, kits, samples, etc organized in monthly folders. That way you only have to scroll to the bottom of a folder rather than a massive list of projects or kits. I also date every project with the year, month, day as in 20231115 and then a title. That way it stays in order easily and I also know exactly when I have started a project. Just a thought, if you don’t already do it.