"The loaded project uses alternate outputs"

Weird thing just happened… Don’t think it’s a biggie, but figured I’d mention before I forget it ever happened.

Just loaded a project from yesterday and it says:

“The loaded project uses alternate outputs, which are no longer supported. Some patterns might play differently than they did with previous firmware.”

I obviously haven’t updated any firmware since yesterday, so must be a bug of some sort :man_shrugging:

Not sure if it’s changed anything, since all I did on this so far was load a few samples.

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Yeah you’re not alone. This one has been reported before. I’m sure they’re working on it.

Ah cool cool, couldn’t spot a thread for it, sorry.

Oh no worries! That’s part of the tricky thing of searching for bug reports, you never know how someone is going to title something. Sometimes they make no sense :rofl:

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Probably guilty of this lol

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Yeah, I reported that bug a couple of weeks ago but was a part of a bigger bug: ‘firmware nag’ etc. No idea why it happens, as there’s been no change to the firmware for months.

This probably isn’t the case but I figure I would ask: Are these older projects that were made on the prior firmware that haven’t yet been opened and saved on the new firmware?

No, my problem projects were created on the most recent firmware. Some of the samples used were dropped on to the SD card from a Mac via USB.

It says in my OP: Project from yesterday, and, clearly haven’t updated since yesterday.

Also, to add to this, this project seems to do this every time I open it, did it again yesterday.